Plantar Fascitis

I have recently observed an uptick in the amount of people experiencing Plantar Fascitis or something similar. This issue is one that is very treatable. There are a couple of mechanisms that lead to the irritation of the Plantar Fascia including: too much strain (sudden heavy increase in activity or general over use), mechanics (high arches), and general wear down over time. As you can see below where the plantar fascia is located and how important it is to maintain foot health as various areas of our body can be thrown off if we don’t have a stable base.


Maintaining proper function of the foot and surrounding musculature can make a huge difference in overall leg health. We typically have an unconscious aversion to pain, which will persist even after the pain has subsided. The importance of this topic will be explored in next weeks blog.

We have many layers of fascia in our bodies that interweave with each other, and this is why the health of our Gastrocnemius and Soleus muscles in our lower leg is so important. When we walk these muscles combine to apply tension to the Achilles Tendon which, like the Plantar fascia, is connected to the Calcaneus. This means that any unnecessary tension in the calf can put additional strain and irritation on the Plantar fascia. This is where Graston technique and trigger point therapy can improve symptoms, relieve pain, and improve function!

You can call to schedule a consult with the office today to see what would be the best route of treatment for you!

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